Week of Prayer for Christian Unity

“One in the apostles’ teaching, fellowship, breaking of bread and prayer” (Acts 2: 42-47)

Worship begins at 12:10
Come to worship and be back to work by 1:00 pm

Monday, January 17th, Maryvale
Tuesday, January 18th, Trinity
Wednesday, January 19th, Our Savior’s
Thursday, January 20th, Congregational UCC
Friday, January 21st, First Baptist

Acts 2 calls us back:
1) to the origins of the 1st church in Jerusalem
2) for inspiration and renewal
3) to return to the essentials of faith
4) to remember the time when the church was still one

The four pillars of the early Christian Church:
1) The Word was passed on by the apostles,
2) Fellowship (koinonia) was important to early believers
3) Celebration of Eurharist (breaking of the bread, remembering the new covenant which Jesus enacted in his suffering, deaht and resurrection)
4) Constant prayer.

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